Karim Ben Khelifa - photo-journaliste / réalisateur de "The Enemy"

February, 2017

"On a deux yeux pour voir le monde, un cœur pour le ressentir. Ne les oublions pas, le futur dépend de notre relation à eux et aux autres" Karim Ben Khelifa (Camera lucida productions The Enemy / Ennemi)

Emmanuel Courcol - Réalisateur

February, 2017

"Merci au Mundaneum pour cette merveilleuse utopie, son accueil, et cette rencontre autour d'un espoir de paix ..." Emmanuel Courcol

Olivier Standaert - Journaliste

February, 2017

"Une thématique parfaite pour un lieu aussi envoutant, consacré au savoir et à sa transmission: comment l'image peut-elle nous aider à mieux comprendre l'autre lorsqu'il est ravalé au rang d'ennemi?" Olivier Standaert

Vincent Blondel, rector of UCL

October, 2016

Thank you very much for a lively and constructive night punctuated by many relevant questions.


Pierre Mertens, Belgian writer

December, 2015

Coming back to the Mundaneum is always an adventure!

Juan D’Oultremont, impertinent Belgian author

December, 2015

Fucking gorgeous place ! In the shadow of Schuiten and of endless knowledge.

Cesar A. Hidalgo, auteur van “Why information grows » (MIT Lab)

October, 2015

When bits and bytes come to play, they always find humans to help themselves grow. Never stop computing!

Victoria Worpole, Director of Learning and Collections Bletchley Park (UK)

January, 2015

The similarities between our organisations and those who invented processes and developed ideas of the future are numerous. I wish the best for the rebirth of the Mundaneum!

© Maxime Degee

Kenneth Cuckier, author of "Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think"

May, 2014

"With my appreciation of the spirit of Paul Otlet."

© Patrick Tombelle

Elmar Mock, Co-inventor of the Swatch

November, 2013

"Enjoy life! Long life to creativity but seek fertility, that it leads to innovation. "

© Google / Weinberg-Clar

Vinton Cerf, co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocol

October, 2013

"The Mundaneum reminds us that there is nothing new - it is only rediscovered in new ways, with new technology and with new capability. The Mundaneum, Memex, and now the Internet World Wide Web are only the latest manifestation. I can hardly wait to see what comes next!"

© Pulse Me

Alex Wright, author of "Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the birth of information age"

March, 2013

"The Mundaneum is a place so atypical."

© Mundaneum

Manuel Castells, sociologist (UCLA-Berkeley)

November, 2012

"My congratulations to the Mundaneum project, innovation on innovation, for restoring history in key of future."

© Mundaneum

Robert Cailliau, World Wide Web pionnier (CERN, 1989)

October, 2012

“The Mundaneum confirms my opinion about the invention of the web: it is not an invention, rather a convergence of elements and precursors who brought smaller or bigger building blocks to the edifice we know today. Extremely important attempts; we just happened to be at the right place at the right time to jump-start what we know today as the web.”


© Mundaneum

Daniel Prado, General Secretary of the network Maaya

April, 2012

" Thank you to open to me the doors of the Google ancestor. "

© Patrick Tombelle

Louis Pouzin, Inventor of the datagram, pioneer of the Internet in France

April, 2012

"Youth, motivation, history, ambient charm. Bravo!"

© Mundaneum

Nicolas Danet, co-author of "Anonymous"

March, 2012

"It was a pleasure to share here in Mons and in the Mundaneum, the ideas of cyberculture for which  you undeniably have some sympathy. "



© Mundaneum

Frédéric Bardeau, co-author "Anonymous"

March, 2012

"What a beautiful moment and what beautiful meetings ... Now I'm a fan of Google and the " Google of paper."

© Patrick Tombelle

Elio Di Rupo, Prime Minister of Belgium

March, 2012

"The partnership betweel Google and the Mundaneum marks another step in the development of the information sociey in our country."

© Patrick Tombelle

Thierry Geerts, Director of Google Belgium

March, 2012

"We have gone back to our roots by supporting the Mundaneum project."

© Mundaneum

Paul Coerten, photograph of the work "Golden Years"

January, 2012

"I was very proud to display my photos in this exceptional place."

© Mundaneum

Luc de Branbandère, author of "Pensée Magique, pensée logique, Petite philosophie de la créativité"

November, 2011

"More than ever, long life to the Mundaneum!"

© Patrick Tombelle

Ignacio Ramonet, Former Director of the Monde Diplomatique

November, 2011

"It was a great honour to speak in this Mundaneum, a fabulous place for media anticipation."




© Mundaneum

Suarez, Belgian artists

October, 2011

"A very big thank to the Mundaneum for its warm welcome!"

© Mundaneum

Julos Beaucarne, Belgian artist

September, 2011
"For the Mundaneum team. Thank you. "