© Mundaneum

Luc de Branbandère, author of "Pensée Magique, pensée logique, Petite philosophie de la créativité"

November, 2011

"More than ever, long life to the Mundaneum!"

© Patrick Tombelle

Ignacio Ramonet, Former Director of the Monde Diplomatique

November, 2011

"It was a great honour to speak in this Mundaneum, a fabulous place for media anticipation."




© Mundaneum

Suarez, Belgian artists

October, 2011

"A very big thank to the Mundaneum for its warm welcome!"

© Mundaneum

Julos Beaucarne, Belgian artist

September, 2011
"For the Mundaneum team. Thank you. "
© Mundaneum

Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister for Economy and Technology for the Walloon Region

May, 2011

"Thank you for allowing me to highlight the values of Eurogreen IT in this superb building that oozes the intelligence of our forefathers."


François Maniquet, Belgian economist

October, 2010

" Thank you for your commitment to a fair society and for the extension and the exchange of ideas . "

© Ambafrance

Michèle Boccoz, Ambassador of France

May, 2010

" Exciting tour , two visionary forerunners who created an extraordinary world of knowledge. "

© Mundaneum

Julien Lepers, TV speaker (FRANCE 3)

February, 2010

" Mille bravos and many thanks ! "

© Mundaneum

Howard W. Gutman, US Ambassador in Belgium

January, 2010

"To Mundaneum…Proving that knowledge is always alive and culture will always bring people together."

© Babelio

Gao Xingjian, Literature Nobel Prize

December, 2009

" In memory of this great event organized by the Mundaneum . "

© Mundaneum

Pierre Kroll, Belgian cartoonist

September, 2009

"Thank you for your welcome, thank you to Mundaneum . "

Stéphane Hessel, co-writer of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

June, 2009

"I have understood and admired the work carried out by the Mundaneum and wish it well."



© Mundaneum

Luc Dardenne, filmmaker

April, 2009

"The Mundaneum is a place that opens onto the world, history, culture… may it multiply!"

© Mundaneum

Jean-Noël Jeanneney, President of the French National Library (2002-2007)

December, 2008

"It is a privilege - a pure joy - to be able to say, at the Mundaneum, such a wonderful entreprise, the ambitions of Europeana that deserves every momentum! In gratitude and friendship."


© Mundaneum

Leila Shahid, , General Delegate of the Palestinian Authority to the European Union

November, 2008

"This magnificient place of memory is also a magnificient place of dialogue."

© JJprocureur

Cécile Bertrand, Belgian Cartoonist

September, 2008

"To the Mundaneum. Friendly."

© Mundaneum

Plantu, French Cartoonist

September, 2008

"Thanks to the Mundaneum. What a beautiful evening!"


© Mundaneum

Alain Gerlache, Belgian journalist (RTBF)

January, 2008

" It was a great pleasure to participate in free debate, open and citizen in this place of progress and humanism. "

© Mundaneum

Monique Ilboudo, Burkinabe author

October, 2007
"It was a great pleasure to visit Mundaneum Mons . Thanks for action on culture. "
© Mundaneum

Albert Jacquard, scientist and philosopher

October, 2007

"For the planet and the Mundaneum."

© Mundaneum

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel Prize for Litterature

October, 2007

"A hommage to the Mundaneum exhibition and to the genius of Mr Otlet and Mr La Fontaine."

© Lehman

Ananda Devi, Mauritian novelist

October, 2007

"Thank you for your welcome in this place utopias that allows us to still believe in the reality of our dreams ..."

© André Delvigne

Raymond Trousson, Belgian philologist, historian and essayist

September, 2007

"In memory of a great evening at Mons, which I greatly appreciated the friendliness."